Intelligent Retail

MegaRobo succeeds in combining the collaborative robot technology with Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things (AIoT), machine vision, face recognition, voice interaction, emotion perception, motion perception, personalized customization, face payment and other technologies to create Intelligent Integrated Self-service Retail Terminal.

MegaRobo Intelligent Integrated Self-service Retail Terminal is currently available for on-the-spot grinding of coffee, on-the-spot blending of cocktails and booking of sales services, and will be developed with some other functions such as making milk tea, pizza, salad and other food and beverages.

MegaRobo Intelligent Integrated Self-service Retail Terminal can provide end users with a high-quality, convenient and novel consumer experience, which can save operators' human costs and reduce the threshold of store opening and operation.

Cocktail-making Robot
Coffee Robot