Intelligent Manufacturing

Upgrading of production line automation

In recent years, with the increase of labor cost, many electronic manufacturing companies are facing the need to upgrade from "single-point automated production line" to "fully automated production line". However, the price tag of a "fully automated production line" discourages most companies; most companies produce on demand,with highly variable needs of production line upgrade; the existing semi-automatic and manual-operated auxiliary equipment have different interfaces. In order to realize full automation of the production line, the system integrator often needs to develop non-standard equipment that matches the mechanical size and electrical interface of the existing equipment in a very short time, which leads to difficulties in production line upgrading.

Fully automated line production based on Mega MRX-T4 x MRQ

The MRX-T4 collaborative robot is designed to be control-box-free, is in small size, occupies little space, can be interconnected seamlessly with the existing semi-automatic and manual equipment, and can easily connect all the existing equipment and procedures to achieve full automation without changing the layout of the existing production line. The Megarobo MRQ-series integrated motor driver & controller, with 5 core technologies and more than 60 patents, can easily achieve automation for most production procedures.
In addition, MRX-T4 and MRQ products can be seamlessly interconnected and work together. Our professional software enables whole process tracing and recording of production, online monitoring and early warning of problems.

Intelligent production line based on Mega Cloud

As the terminal of industrial big data and the data access port of smart factory, the Mega Cloud collects data from each MRX-T4 and MRQ to establish model of the entire production line and even the whole factory, building an intelligent production line with a multi-agent system (MAS).

Assembly automation
Test automation
Packaging automation