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MRQ series motor drive controller
Motion control solutions with high precision, stability and reliability
Highly stable, highly reliable, easy to integrate and easy to expand
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Product advantage

Compact structure, fine material, precision manufacturing
Built-in patent core technology to ensure performance
Stable and reliable, it is qualified through the national CNAS laboratory reliability test

Fast selection

Model MRQ-C-23-D MRQ-C-23-S MRQ-M-23-04 MRQ-MC-17-10
Type of connection port DB26 interface 21 terminal interface —— ——
Maximum drive current 8.0A,4.0A or more recommended active cooling 5.0A 1.5Arms
Number of supported axles 1 4 10
adaptive speed interpolation smoothing technology
Supported Supported
full digital closed loop feedback control technology
Supported Unsupported
bus synchronization technology
Supported Supported
auto-tuning technology
Supported Unsupported
electronic cam technology
Supported Supported
Subdivision Full step、1/2、1/4、1/8、1/16、1/32、1/64、1/128、1/256 Full step、1/2、1/4、1/8、1/16、1/32、1/64 Full step、1/2、1/4、1/8、1/16、1/32
Communication interface CAN 2.0、RS232
Communication rate The highest baud rate of CAN is 1Mbps; the highest baud rate of RS232 is 115200bps
Peripheral interface 2 digital input interfaces
2 digital output interfaces
4 isolated input interfaces
2 isolated output interfaces
2 digital input interfaces
1 digital output interfaces
2 isolated input interfaces
1 isolated output interfaces
4 isolated input interfaces
2 isolated output interfaces
16 POS interfaces
(for limit switch or three-channel encoder)
1 isolated input interfaces
2 isolated output interfaces
10 interfaces for limit switch (Channel)
Synchronization delay 0.1μs
(length × width × height)
90mm×61mm×33mm 198mm×83mm×33mm 200mm×70mm×35mm
Voltage 12V-50V self-adaptive 8V~36V self-adaptive
Operating temperature 0℃~50℃
Storage temperature -20℃~80℃
Working environment humidity <85%(No condensation)

Core technologies

MegaSmooth® adaptive speed interpolation smoothing technology

Achieve each step of frequency conversion to provide the smooth motion output.
Solve the traditional problems of acceleration and deceleration of motor control system to ensure stable movement without vibration.
Simplify the operation complexity of system designers.

MegaRobust® full digital closed loop feedback control technology

Dynamically compensate the mechanical error of the transmission mechanism and effectively improve the motion precision.
Significantly lower the requirements of the system for the precision of manufacturing of transmission equipment.
High reliably solve the problem of system output precision with low cost, lower system maintenance difficulty and reduce cost.

MegaSync® bus synchronization technology

The entire system requires only one bus and can control up to 100 motors simultaneously with a synchronous error of all motors in bus less than 0.1 μS.
Solve the synchronous operation of different equipment in a comp lex system.

MegaTuning® motor data auto-tuning technology

Performance of each motor can be shown without too much commissioning.

MegaSweep® high precision electronic cam technology

It's convenient for it to realize reciprocating motion with high precision.
Significantly save time in cam design and commissioning time and accelerate product launching.
The trajectory can be easily changed to improve the adaptability of the system application.
Low running resistance, low noise, light weight and high efficiency.
No wear, maintenance-free.