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MRH series intelligent gateway
Simplified solution for equipment control to replace PLC and main control board
Simplified control, multi- protocol conversion, easy integration and easy expansion
Charlie peng00351-969-571-336

Product features

  • Simplified control

    Replace PLC, main control board, and simplify equipment control

  • Multi-protocol conversion


  • Easy to integrate

    Integration of cooperative work by multi-equipment in one line

  • Easy to expand

    Rich interface, easy for external sensors
    or other signals to expand application.

Quick model selection

Compact-sized and portable
Storage files
Trajectory planning, heartbeat detection
USB-CAN protocol conversion Supported Supported Supported
LAN-CAN protocol conversion Unsupported Unsupported Supported
WIFI-CAN protocol conversion Unsupported Unsupported Supported
Motion file storage Unsupported Supported Supported
Trajectory planning Unsupported Unsupported Supported
Equipment management Unsupported Unsupported Supported
Heartbeat monitoring Unsupported Unsupported Supported
Configuration management Unsupported Unsupported Supported
Power input 5Vdc,500mA 5Vdc,500mA 7-50V self-adaptive,2A
Power supply method USB power supply USB power supply or 5V DC power supply 7-50V DC power supply
Offline motion control Unsupported Unsupported Supported
Number of motion file storage None Limited by SD card capacity,
8G Class 4/6 (extensible)
Limited by SD card capacity,
16G Class 10 (extensible)
Bus length and number of nodes Up to 100 driver controllers can be connected to a single bus with a maximum communication distance of 40m
Communication interface Upstream:USB2.0
Transmission mode Transparent CAN interface transmission, compatible with CAN2.0A and CAN2.0B protocols. USB interface is compatible with USB1.1 and USB2.0 protocols.
Frame flow 3000frames/s 4000frames/s 6000frames/s
Dimension 88mm*32mm*16mm 116mm*88mm*25.8mm 92.5mm×75.5mm×35.5mm
Operating temperature 0℃~70℃ 0℃~70℃ 0℃~50℃
Storage temperature -50℃~105℃