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MRV series DC drive controller
DC Driver solution for fast response, easy integration, easy expansion and real-time online monitoring
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Application area

It is widely used in solenoid valves, DC motors, electromagnets, relays and other products, especially suitable for precise timing control of high complex, multi-channel linkage system.

Product features

  • Fast response
    Reduce the hysteresis effect of the perceptual parts,
    The effect of drive control exceeds the original plant
  • Easy to connect a variety
    of sensors
    It can be connected with sensors used to measure distance, light,
    temperature or force, and collect and report data.
  • Precise timing control technology
    Combined with MRQ network,
    controlled with one time table, easy to cope with high complex,
    multi-channel linkage system.
  • Abundant fault monitoring and protection,
    Escort your system security
    Electromagnetic valve fault monitoring, solenoid valve life
    prediction, pipeline fault monitoring
  • Improve the efficiency of product development and maintenance
    Shorten the development cycle of products by 70%.
    Reduce the cost of development and maintenance by 70%

Product specification

Model MRV-3604
Number of channels 4
Input voltage 12V-36V
Output current Maximum 2A
fault monitoring Supported
Service life prediction Supported
On-off times records Tens of millions magnitude
Peripheral interface 4 serial ports; each can be connected to the trigger switch,
various sensors to expand application as well as pressure
sensors to detect pipe status, hermetic failure and other faults
Communication interface CAN 2.0、RS232
Communication rate Maximum of CAN2.0: 1Mbps
Maximum of RS232: 115200bps
External synchronous trigger <20μs
Dimension 60mm*76mm*23mm
Operating temperature 0℃~50℃
Storage temperature -20℃~80℃
Working environment humidity <85% (no condensation)