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MRX-T4 collaborative robot
The collaborative robot is free of control box and teach pendant
Safe, reliable, simple, easy to use, inter-robot connectivity, flexible
manufacturing, Higher ROI in short period.
Charlie peng00351-969-571-336

Product features

Safe and reliable
Simple and easy to use
Multi- machine interconnection
Flexible manufacturing
Short investment return period

customer benefit

Improve efficiency
MRX can improve
productivity by30%
Improve quality
MRX can increase the
product qualification rate
Easy to use
Employees without any
experience can master the
usage within3h through MRX
Save money
1MRX can save you
at least1year's cost
of1employee per year

Working range

Product specification

Maximum load≤3.0kg
Repeated positioning precision±0.05mm
End linear speed500mm/s
Dead weight15kg
Working radius505mm
Base mounting dimensionsφ140mm,Mounting hole 8-φ6/45° (equispaced)
Axis range of motionJ1:±170°
Maximum speed of each axis180°/s
SoftwareMegaRobo Studio
Communication interfaceCAN,USB/LAN/WiFi
Power supply100-240V,50/60Hz
Power consumption240W under normal conditions
Operating temperature10℃~45℃
Storage temperature-10℃~60℃