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MRX-AS auto-sampler
High speed, high throughput, the unparalleled solution in the industry.
High speed, high throughput, easy to use, stable and reliable
Charlie peng00351-969-571-336

Product features

  • High velocity

    Motion actuator is faster twice than
    that of ordinary auto-sampler

  • High throughput

    The throughput is 6 times
    as large as that of
    ordinary auto-sampler =
    Single XYZ three times x double XYZ

  • Simple and easy to use

    Equipped with graphic station
    and development library for individual use
    or system integration.

  • Stable and reliable

    The core components are Mega MRQ
    Intelligent motion control module
    Qualified through the military standard test

Product specification

Model MRX-AS
X-axis movement Stroke: 390mm
maximum speed: 500mm/s
movement precision: ±0.1mm
Y-axis movementStroke: 190mm
maximum speed: 500mm/s
movement precision: ±0.1mm
Z-axis movementStroke: 0-100mm
(0-150mm optional)
Motor specificationStandard 57 BYG, 42 BYG (compatible)
Plate hole type48-well plates; 96-well plates and 384-well plates (optional)
Computer interfaceUSB,RS232,RS485
Dimension (length × width × height)540mm×530mm×380mm
Power supply100V-240V,50/60Hz
Power frequency50Hz
Operating environmentOperating temperature:10℃~45℃,Storage temperature:-10℃~60℃,relative humidity20%RH-80%RH