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MRX-DT parallel robot
Ultra light and ultra simple parallel robot
Easy to install, easy to use, light weight and high reliability.
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Wide range of applications; ideal assistant

Automatic processing of laboratory samples
It is applied to automatic sample processing in medical, biological and chemical laboratories to improve the efficiency and quality of sample processing.
Lightweight industrial manufacturing line
It is applied to light industrial manufacturing lines such as 3C manufacturing, and achieves high-speed grabbing, high-speed placement and palletizing packaging.
The structure is simple and the weight is light.
The structure is simple, the height of operation is adjustable, and the layout of control unit is compact.
The layout is reasonable, the occupying space is small, and the working area is heavy and the weight is light.
The terminal executor is exquisite in design, flexible in grabbing, firm and reliable.
High reliability and companionship
High rigidity, high speed, with the maximum speed of 2m/s
Stable and reliable, core components are qualified through the national CNAS laboratory reliability test.
Quick and accurate in grabbing reagent bottles, it is an ideal assistant in mixing batch liquid in the laboratory.
Easy to install and easy to use
It can be interconnected with other devices and work together
Standard secondary development interface
MegaRobo Studio control platform
Working range
Product specification
Model MRX-DT
Load 200g
Working range XZ space rectangle and sector area 500mm×200mm, Y axis 300mm
Repeated positioning precision ±0.1mm
Maximum speed 2m/s
Weight 16kg
Dimension (length × width × height) 540mm×480mm×530mm
Power supply 100V-240V,50/60Hz
Power 150W
Operating environment Operating temperature:10℃~45℃, storage temperature:-10℃~60℃,relative humidity:20%RH-80%RH