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MRX-H2 planar surface gantry robot
Large span, high speed, precise plane motion control solution
Charlie peng00351-969-571-336

Typical application

Automatic processing of laboratory samples

It is used in automatic processing of samples in medical, biological and chemical laboratories, such as sample preparation and packaging.

Lightweight industrial manufacturing line

Applied to 3C manufacturing, assembly of small parts, etc.

Product features

  • Large span, flat structure

    Perfect solution to flat-space large-span
    XY plane motion problem

  • High speed

    At least twice the speed of the
    traditional gantry robot

  • Accurate

    Full closed loop digital control
    ensures high precision

Product specification

Guide railGuide rail with recirculating ball bearing
Rated load for maximum dynamic response5kg
Repeated precision±0.05mm
Installation methodHorizontal installation (recommend)
Please consult the customer service staff for other installation methods
Control and drive1 MRH-T, 1 MRQ-M
Maximum speed1m/s
Maximum acceleration10m/s2
PowerLess than 200W
Operating environmentOperating temperature:10℃~45℃, storage temperature:-10℃~60℃,relative humidity:20%RH-80%RH